Matt Langdon had it all. A beloved son in college. An ex-wife who understands him. An exploration business in oil and gas which has shown a profit. Suddenly, his investors back out, and he faces bankruptcy. As Matt rushes to meet the one man he believes can help him, he finds an injured girl on the road. If he’s late for his meeting, he could lose his funding. But he can’t leave the unconscious girl. Being a Good Samaritan changes everything when he’s arrested and charged with assaulting her.

Lillian Wallace is an investigator for Matt’s attorney, and she’s determined to discover the truth. A close look at the mystery girl reveals she holds the key to a past Matt never knew existed. Dark secrets are exposed as the girl recovers and points a finger at Matt’s long-time nemesis—a murderer who has gone undetected for years, and who will now stop at nothing until he destroys both Matt and the girl.


It had been one thing going wrong after another, but he wasn’t expecting this…

 Matt took a long swallow of his Coke and felt the sugary liquid coat his throat. He raised his eyes to Kurt. “What did you find at the apartment?”

“Funny you mentioned that. Lil says there was blood on the bathtub. Not a lot. More like smear.”

“DNA,” Matt said. “Did they test it?”

Kurt frowned. “Against whom?”

“Whoever abducted him,” Matt said. “Duncan’s blood is probably still in my living room. Check that.” When Kurt didn’t respond, he added, “You got another explanation why he would disappear two days before his hearing?”

“They’ll probably test it against your DNA,” Kurt said, then quickly added, “Only for elimination purposes. I assume they took a swab.”

“That’s not funny, Kurt.”

“Not meant to be. Think about it. You don’t want questions raised over your innocence. You have nothing to hide. Do you?”

“No.” Matt wiped sweat from his forehead. His skin felt clammy. “But innocent people are railroaded every day.”

“Stop worrying.”

Matt looked away and took another long swallow of his Coke. His cell phone rang. The sound filled the room. He squinted at the caller ID. “It’s Greg,” he said aloud. “I’m a little busy right now, Greg,” he said into the phone.

“You’re going to get a lot busier, partner. We’ve had a blowout. Someone set the Dennis Number Two on fire. I’m at the site. I need you here. Now.”